The Candy Crush Rehabilitation Centre

Posted: 24/05/2013 in Blog, Facebook, Social Media
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Candy Crush Saga, the game that has recently taken Facebook by storm.  It involves moving pieces of candy around to get 3 of the same type in a row to get rid of them. By getting rid of them you aim to achieve a certain levels objectives. These objectives range from reaching a certain score, getting certain objects to the bottom or bursting jelly that surrounds certain candy pieces.


This game has proven to be more addictive than a double strength Red Bull with a kilo of crack mixed in for good measure. Much like many addictive substances, it can leave you on top of the world after beating a few levels or leave you absolutely beaten and broken, when you just can’t beat that one level, making you willing to do anything to get that next dose of lives or high score.

Most people manage to find a balance in playing the game and leading a perfectly normal life, but there are also those who get so immersed in the game that it becomes their everything. They plague their friends into sending them free lives and reach triple digit levels. They become so absorbed in the game that they don’t know what’s real anymore. How can we help these people you ask? By sending them to one place, and one place only.


Candy Crush Rehab.

The Candy Crush Rehabilitation Centre has had many major successes in helping those who were almost beyond help. Among those was D, a 20 year old female, who started playing the game after a recommendation from another user.

“When I first started playing Candy Crush I really enjoyed it, it was a great game! I didn’t have any problems with it at first, just done a few levels every evening to relax, you know? I then started to move onto harder levels and I just couldn’t leave it, this I think is when it started to suck me in. If I used up my stash of lives I’d have to beg my friends for some which they hated, or I’d have to wait in desperation until they reappeared themselves. I couldn’t even go outside. If I went to the shops I couldn’t go near sweet counters. I’d be constantly rearranging the sweets in the hope they’d disappear. If I passed by shelves with jelly on it I’d lose the plot and tear it apart. It was then I knew I needed help and found it at the Candy Crush Rehabilitation Centre.”

With the help of the Candy Crush Rehabilitation Centre, D eventually kicked the habit, got her life back on track and is living healthily and Candy Crush-free.

The CCRC runs a strict but caring programme of treatment to help even the most hardcore of addicts to come clean. If you or someone you know has a Candy Crush addiction that is negatively affecting your life don’t hesitate to contact the centre and they will provide you the help you need.

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