Xbox One Pricing: Premature Panic

Posted: 31/05/2013 in Blog, Gaming, Technology
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There’s been a lot of fuss brewing this morning over the pricing of the Xbox One and its games.  According to Amazon, the console is currently priced at £599.99 (as is the PS4) and the games at £89.99.

Xbox One Console Price (via Amazon)

Xbox One Console Price (via Amazon)

This has caused some outrage and worry among the gaming community and rightly so, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about yet!!

First off, neither Microsoft or Sony have announced or even hinted at pricing structures for their consoles, games and packages yet.  This will probably come at E3 which commences on the 11th of June.  Secondly, note how Amazon have stated “order now and you will be charged the lowest price at release”, which is also listed under the games.  By setting the prices this way, Amazon are covering themselves.  If they set the prices low before they are actually known, it will back fire on them big time with people complaining about a price hike.  Hence, they’re showing higher prices which will more than likely come down when the real ones are released.

In saying that, it wouldn’t be too surprising for these prices to be close to genuine either. With the rising costs in the development of gaming such as advanced hardware, software, piracy etc. this has the potential to cause the retail prices to rise too.  However, this is where you, the gamer, is in control.  If these prices are real and you are not happy paying them then don’t purchase the consoles. By doing this you will be showing Microsoft and Sony you are not happy and to get sales they will drop the prices accordingly.  The current generation of consoles will also be relatively on par with the next-gen for at least a year while the next-gen find their feet, so you don’t have to buy straight away either.

Xbox One vs PS4 (via Tech Radar)

So the message here is, do not panic just yet.  The E3 Expo will more than likely reveal all and should put your worries at ease.  E3 will also be where the console battle really begins with this next generation and both companies will look to pull all the punches in the attempts to wow you to their product.

It’s going to be a big one…


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