Stan Collymore VS Football Manager

Posted: 07/06/2013 in Blog, Football, Gaming, Social Media, Sport, Twitter
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Ex-professional and football “pundit”, Stan Collymore, got himself into a bit of hot water last night on Twitter when he had a pop at Football Manager pioneer, Miles Jacobson, as well as the series’ many dedicated players.

The smarmy, sarcastic, unprovoked and since deleted attack on Miles by Collymore was taken reasonably well by the much revered FM developer who attempted to explain the work Sports Interactive does in making the game and invited him to their studio to see how it all works.

The many, many fans of the Football Manager series were quick to remind Collymore that playing the football management simulator was in no way as bad as some of the misdemeanours he has previously committed.


While the cult series is “just a game”, the abuses launched at it by Collymore are completely off the mark. As pointed out by Jacobson, the games database has been used by Andre Villas-Boas while he was head scout at Chelsea, and Everton also done a deal with SI a few years ago to access their extensive database of players. It also has a good record of finding future gems before they come to real life prominence. Lionel Messi, Kaka and Eden Hazard to name but a few. It’s not guaranteed, much like real life scouting, but it can’t be doubted.

The tirade launched by Collymore at players of the game is also a step too far. Collymore and others on Twitter labelled players of the simulator deluded for many things such as revelling in their in-game achievements and sending mock CV’s to football clubs when vacancies appear in real life. These things are part of the banter in the Football Manager community, something Collymore and co. seem to have misunderstood.

What the game CAN do for players, is enhance in them an interest in real life management. As we all know, not everyone can make it as a player in football, and Football Manager can help instill an interest in the non-playing roles in football.  In my own experience, it has influenced me to pursue FAI coaching badges in the future and get involved in the game at the coaching end of the spectrum rather than the playing end. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has even stated recently how the game helped him to an extent in his own management career.

This is not the first time Stan Collymore has found himself embroiled in controversy in the Twittersphere when he once declared that someone who hasn’t set foot on a football pitch professionally but writes about football (journo, blogger, etc.) doesn’t qualify them for a job in the football world.


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