HMV Set To Re-Open Irish Stores

Posted: 09/06/2013 in Blog, Movies, Music, News
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After a shock entrance into administration, many stores in the UK closing, and shutting down in Ireland completely after Christmas, HMV is set to re-open several of its Irish stores.

HMV’s Grafton Street Store

It has been reported that HMV’s new owners HilCo, who purchased the chain from administrators during its financial struggles, are ready to pump a €3.5-4 million investment into the Henry St, Liffey Valley & Dundrum stores in Dublin and the one in Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick, with a fifth store to be opened again later possibly in Cork, Galway or the Grafton Street store.

“It will take around six weeks, some stores have to be refitted, but Henry Street is ready to go” HilCo chief executive Paul McCowan told the Irish Independent newspaper.

The paper also reports that the re-openings will create over 100 new jobs and recruitment for these posts will begin in the next week or so.

As well adding jobs and boosting the economy, this will be seen as great news to the many Irish music and entertainment fans who were left disappointed when the chain shut its doors earlier in the year.

  1. ciaraj22 says:

    Great to hear. It was such a massive loss.

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