Jose Mourinho: A Changed Man?

Posted: 10/06/2013 in Blog, Football, News, Sport
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Jose Mourinho faced the press today as Chelsea manager for the (second) first time.

Jose Mourinho Unveiled As Chelsea Manager

Jose Mourinho Unveiled As Chelsea Manager

In a packed Stamford Bridge press room, containing more journalists than attended the Champions League final press conferences, Jose Mourinho delivered his first press duties as Chelsea boss.

In what seemed like an anti-climatic and disappointing press conference compared to what we have been used to from Mourinho in the past actually showed us a man who looks like he has gained wisdom and a greater sense of maturity since his famous self-proclamation as “The Special One” in the same room nine years ago.

Despite attempts from journalists to get a typical Jose headline by bringing up topics such as Casillas dropping at Real Madrid and the John Terry/Rafa Benitez situation, he did not give in and was very calm and calculated in the way he answered. Stating that Casillas was dropped for football matters only and that it wasn’t his place to comment on Benitez, it was a far cry from the normal stirring comments people had been used to. His only real “Special One Moment” coming when he responded to Andres Iniesta’s comments at the weekend by saying “I damaged Spanish football by being the manager that broke Barcelona dominance,”

English: Football : Manager Jose Mourinho of I...

Manager Jose Mourinho of Inter during the Serie A match between Juventus and Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino on April 18, 2009 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Tsutomu Takasu) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A hint as to why he was much calmer and less stirring in the comments he made can possibly be found in his answer to a question about his weaknesses where he says “My enemy is reading papers tomorrow and watching TV now”. In his time in Italy and Spain he was met with a lot of animosity from the press and was, to put it bluntly, not very well liked. It seems as though he has learned from this, and that the comments he makes in the press can come back to haunt him negatively, unlike his first stint in England where he could drop any line and be hailed as a genius in the following days back pages.

Stability was also another factor Mourinho emphasised on quite a bit during this press conference, in that he wants to bring a greater stability to Chelsea. Currently, he is seen by many people as a mercenary who won’t stay at any club on a long term basis, or that he doesn’t look after the youth aspects of a club, but with his emphasis on stability, this attitude towards him may change as, all things going well, he looks to build a long-term legacy at Chelsea.

Obviously, it’s early days and he may in time prove to be the same controversial and at times petulant Mourinho who will burn his bridges at Chelsea, and continue to at future clubs, but from his first press conference he gives the impression that we might just be seeing a brand new Jose Mourinho.

Roll on August and the new Premier League season…


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