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Posted: 10/06/2013 in Blog, Gaming, News, Technology
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Microsoft were the first to show their wares at E3 today placing their main focus on the gaming aspects of the Xbox One, compared to the reveal launch that focused on the entertainment side of things.

Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console

Somewhat disappointingly, there was a lack of detail when it came to some of the announcements made but with so much being announced during the keynote speech in such a short space of time there was still lots to get excited about. Here’s some of the main highlights…

Xbox 360

Microsoft have reassured those sticking to the Xbox 360 console will not be left behind just yet in the next generation of console gaming.

First off, the console will be getting a facelift to make it look just a little more like its big brother, the Xbox One.

New Xbox 360 Console

New Xbox 360 Console

The new 360 will be smaller and quieter than the previous “slim” model and will be available from retailers almost immediately.

Secondly, Xbox Live Gold members on the 360 will be rewarded for their loyalty by receiving two free game download per month from the vast array of titles already on the Xbox Live Marketplace and future titles to be added such as Halo 3 and Assassins Creed.

Gamers sticking to the 360 were also reassured that many new games would continue to be released including Batman: Arkham Origins, GTA V, and Splinter Cell Black List.

Xbox One

Microsoft put all its focus into the games we will be seeing on the Xbox One, announcing no less than THIRTEEN exclusive titles among the many others it announced.

Forza Motorsport 5

A new Forza Motorsport game will be joining the Xbox One ranks on launch day.

Forza 5 will feature an extremely innovative new AI system called Drive-atar. This new AI system will pull information gathered by learning from you driving style and skills, as well as other players in the games cloud to enhance the competitiveness of the cars you’re racing against. For example, if there’s a certain corner where you always make a certain pass, AI racers will learn from this and make an attempt to defend it more intelligently next time round.

Battlefield 4

Also shown was in-game footage from EA and Dice’s latest instalment in this particular First Person Shooter franchise.

The 60fps footage looks absolutely stunning. Easily some of the best visuals we’ve seen in any game yet and explosions and carnage that would make even Michael Bay suffer from cardiac arrest. However it remains to be seen if it will bring anything different to the stagnating First Person Shooter genre.

Quantum Break

Another Xbox One exclusive was shown in the form of the very ambitious Quantum Break. The player takes control of Jack Joyce, who survived a science experiment that killed his brother. In this accident, Jack gained the power of time-manipulation, and the use of these powers causes the 4th dimension to stutter and freeze. The world is in grave danger (why, is unknown yet) and he must use his new powers to save it.

Quantum Break will be both a game AND a TV show, in which the players decisions in the game will sculpt the running of the TV show for that particular gamer. It is unclear as of yet and difficult to tell how this aspect will work or play out but it sounds wildly ambitious and if it can be pulled off, very innovative and possibly a big part of the future of gaming.

Dead Rising 3

Microsoft have drafted in the services of Capcom Vancouver to bring Xbox One owners Dead Rising 3.

This is the third instalment in the survival horror series and looks to be taking a zombie apocalypse to a new level. Reportedly, the completely open-world game will feature NO loading times while also allowing players to use anything they find that isn’t nailed down as a weapon. Xbox SmartGlass will also come into play in Dead Rising 3 with players being able to use it to call in artillery strikes on the zombie horde chasing you down.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Konami confirmed at E3 that along with the 360 and PS3 ports, Xbox One owners will get to play as Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain.

The game will be the first Metal Gear Solid to feature an open-world environment, a seemingly growing trend in next-gen games, and will also offer a real time weather system, a realistic passage of time, deeper stealth tactics and multiple transport options.

MGS V also won’t be exclusive to the Xbox One which will come as a relief to PS4 fans

Halo 5

What would a Microsoft and Xbox E3 event be without showing us a little bit of Masterchief and the iconic Halo series. Not content with Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows 8 and a live action Halo series headed by Steven Spielberg, we also got to see some teaser footage of what is presumably Halo 5.

We are shown a very Jedi Master looking Masterchief trekking through a desert only to be met by what can only be described as Megatron overdosed on anabolic steroids. No other details were mentioned about the game and will come at a later date if not later in the E3 schedule possibly.

Also shown during Microsoft’s Keynote speech were Minecraft, Killer Instinct, RYSE, Crimson Dragon, Project Spark, Below, Sunset Overdrive, D4 and The Witcher 3.

Microsoft also announced some overhauls to Xbox Live including scrapping the MSPoints system for real currency and the ability to use one Gold subscription across multiple accounts on the one console.

The consoles price was announced too. A steep $499/€499/£429 which won’t please many people at all, but as seen with the current generation of consoles, this will probably start to decline pretty quickly, becoming more affordable within a year.

So despite a lack of intricate details on anything announced and a steep price, the potential the Xbox One has was most certainly shown with lots of action packed gameplay footage that fans were clamouring for since the reveal and the ball is now firmly in Sony’s court with their conference set to take place later.


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