Will Xbox Live Banned Users Lose Xbox One Games Privileges?

Posted: 17/06/2013 in Blog, Gaming, News, Technology
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It seems Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot once again on the PR front in the aftermath of E3 as another mix-up occurs.

The Xbox Support Twitter account has been answering gamers questions on an almost non-stop basis and among it was a question asking about what fate users banned from Xbox Live would suffer.

(via GameRant)

(via GameRant)

Any gamer found guilty of severe enough activity to have their Xbox Live account suspended will potentially lose the licensing rights (DRM) to their games, according to the Support account.

Under Microsofts current policy, suspended users lose access to Xbox Live for a period of time, normally for piracy or reported abusive behaviour but they are still able to play their game offline until the suspension is fulfilled. However, if Microsoft continues to implement this same policy, it could cause major problems with the Xbox One’s “Always Online” check-in function. Suspended users could be facing having a console that simply cannot play games.

Director of Programming of Xbox Live, Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) was quick to contradict this, stating in a Reddit Games interview┬áthat gamers would “absolutely not” lose access to their games, suggesting unclearly that it would only be multiplayer access a user would lose. However it still remains unclear what WILL definitely happen should a player get banned from Xbox Live.

Microsoft will need to come out quickly to clarify this mix-up to fully reassure gamers on what will happen them should they receive an Xbox Live ban, along with getting their act together when it comes to PR. This incident joins a long list of clangers dropped by the Xbox PR department which included this facepalm moment last week…

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