In the wake of the success of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, it has become a top priority for DC and Warner Bros. to develop and bring to the big screen their own superhero team-up movie, The Justice League.

There are countless speculations, theories and character plans thought up by both fans and those more involved in the movie world on how to make this nerds wet dream happen, but here’s my one…

DC's New 52 main comic roster for the Justice League

DC’s New 52 main comic roster for the Justice League

Let’s start with Man of Steel. Despite differing and often sceptical reviews from the public has arguably set the base scene for a Justice League movie. In Henry Cavill, we have a more than competent Superman with plenty of potential to expand on the character in any future instalments, be it solo movies or as part of a team. The more realistic tone of the movie has also set a form of thematic precedent for the Justice League movie itself and any solo films for any of the other characters should they be seen as suitable for one by DC/Warner.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Introducing the next batch of characters is where it gets tricky. Marvel already have a universe set up within their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, consisting of the Avengers related movies), where superheroes co-exist and are known of by both the public and other supers. It’s establishing this aspect DC need to start with in order to push a Justice League movie. As we already have our Superman, the easiest character to introduce next will be our new Batman…

Batman in Batman #01 of DC's New 52

Batman in Batman #01 of DC’s New 52

First off, it’s been well established by all parties that Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy will not be a part of any future Justice League franchise. While Christian Bale was an excellent Batman, and one that may have fit in well with DC’s more realistic intentions and the latest incarnation of Superman, it won’t be happening, so a new actor is needed to don the famous cowl and cape. As interesting as it may have been to some to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character from The Dark Knight Rises continue in the role, as hinted by the movie’s ending, we need Bruce Wayne and not John Blake to be one of the Justice League of America’s founding members.

The bonus with Batman is we do not need a solo film before a Justice League movie. The character, his origin and basic personality is well established and known by pretty much anyone who has seen a Batman movie. Once an actor that can play the billionaire playboy/masked vigilante is found, he can be introduced somehow into the Man of Steel universe (and if you pay close enough attention to MoS, he already has ūüėČ ). Setting up an intro between these two heroes can be done in many ways, but the two I find most suitable would be through a cameo/post credits meeting or a “Worlds Finest” movie.

Superman & Batman: The Worlds Finest

Superman & Batman: The Worlds Finest

Depending on how quickly DC/Warner want to release a Justice League movie, they can either cameo Batman in a post-credits scene in Man of Steel 2 (a la Marvel), or go the more long term route of making Man of Steel 3 a Superman & Batman movie, aka the Worlds Finest. Comic Book fans worldwide would most definitely relish seeing these two titans of the superhero world share the screen and battle together against an evil that threatens both Gotham and Metropolis. This would definitely be a more long term option, possibly adding 2-3 or more years onto the release of a Justice League movie, but this may be preferential should DC/Warner want to use solo films to introduce other characters.

The more short term option, would be a Batman cameo at the end of MoS2. Picture the scene. Bruce Wayne sitting in Wayne Manor watching the news. He see’s several Superman, and possibly several other members of the to be Justice League on the news, fighting to save their own cities. He turns his chair (revealing the new Batman) and says “Alfred, it looks like we are not alone in this vigilante business”. After which, he descends to the Batcave and collects all the information he can on these newly revealed supers before approaching Superman and suggesting they gather them up to form a team. BOOM. You have your Justice League. By this method, origin stories of other characters can be made known and solo films saved for a post-Justice League slot, should a JLA film be top priority over solo’s.

This brings us on to two more characters we are already somewhat familiar with on our screens, who both happen to come in a shade of green…

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern & Steven Arnell as Green Arrow

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern & Steven Amell as Green Arrow

Green Lantern and Green Arrow are two characters from a potential Justice League roster that have already been introduced to us, the former on the big screen and the latter on the small screen.

Ryan Reynolds, despite the movie being somewhat of a failure, I feel made a very good Green Lantern. He showed the potential to play an excellent Hal Jordan should he be given a better script and direction for the character. Hal Jordan’s ¬†Green Lantern, would be one of the providers of some comic relief (along with the Flash) among a very serious roster of characters, something which Ryan Reynolds would and does excel at, all the while being capable of donning a serious attitude when the time calls for it. So, unless DC/Warner decide to reboot Green Lantern with either a new Hal Jordan or different persona, I think we have a Green Lantern ready and waiting to join Batman & Superman in the newly formed JLA.

Green Arrow, or “The Hood” as he is currently known in CW’s popular television series, Arrow, is another member of the Justice League roster who could potentially be stepped up should a big screen adaptation happen in the near future. The series, which has just ended it’s first season, has become quite popular and gained many plaudits with the second season premi√®ring this Autumn/Fall. Another billionaire playboy turned vigilante, Oliver Queen played by Steven Amell, watches over Starling City. One could argue the character in his current incarnation is too similar to Batman, however while this is true, a clash of morals could be used as a sub-plot to differentiate, with Batman reluctant to kill while Green Arrow will gladly take a persons life if they have failed his city.

Potential crossovers have already been set up with Arrow name dropping both Coast City, home to Hal Jordan, and with Oliver Queen visiting¬†Bl√ľdhaven which is under the close eye of none other than Dick Grayson, better known as Nightwing and previously as Batman’s sidekick & prot√©g√©, Robin.

So we now have four of a possible six or seven Justice League members that we are already familiar with in someway or another, and it is now time to address the members non-comic book fans may not be as familiar with.

The most likely of which I see joining the previous four are a combination of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter

Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter

Wonder Woman and The Flash, are the two characters I feel can be most likely added to finalise a Justice League roster as they are two who need less origin story introduction and will go down well with the public.

Starting with Wonder Woman, aka Diana of Themyscira and Warrior Princess of the Amazons. Wonder Woman is possibly one of the most iconic female superheroes in comic book history. With the right actress, she can become a very important and staple member of any Justice League and solo film franchise. I feel she is iconic enough to introduce without an elaborate back story, something which can be expanded on in a later solo film. She is also a character that if done right (without meaning to sound in anyway sexist, incase it is interpreted that way), by which I mean showing her vast power and not being portrayed as a typical femme fatale, or damsel in distress,  can draw in the female fan market, an aspect that may be seen as important to the producers.

The Flash I feel is the next most important or probable character that can be introduced. Flash can be introduced, just like Wonder Woman with a basic and minimal back story. The process of how Barry Allen became The Flash can be easily mentioned (lab experiment gone wrong) and the SpeedForce from which he draws his power can be explained in detail in his own movie later on. As mentioned earlier, Flash can be used to play off and provide some more comic relief along side Green Lantern to add a bit of light heartedness to what will more than likely be a reasonably serious and dark Justice League script, which I think would bring the public to warm to his character even if they do not know much about him. And while I’d be sceptical to speculate on actors suitable for parts not already portrayed, I think Chris Pine would do a pretty good job as Barry Allen/The Flash, if he’s not too busy kicking space-ass in Star Trek in the near future.

Aquaman and Martian Manhunter may be more difficult to bring to the big screen however, despite being mainstays in most Justice League line-ups.

Aquaman, King of Atlantis, has a deep and rich back story that would probably need more elaboration through a solo film compared to Wonder Woman or Flash. Aquaman’s more human alter-ego he is Arthur Curry, the half-human child of Tom Curry and Atlantean Queen, Atlanna. A thematic recurrence through-out the comics is how he abdicates the Atlantean throne to become a full-time super hero, but he also struggles with how the public perceive him, as a lesser superhero than that of his Justice League peers. This is something I feel should be explored before introducing him to a JLA movie roster, either before, or after so that he can join up in a second instalment and also to endear him more to the public who may not be as familiar with him as they are with others mentioned previously.

J’onn J’onzz, aka Martian Manhunter, is another character that is important to a JL franchise, but will also be more difficult to introduce without his own solo movie. The last of his Martian brethren, who all died out due to a telepathic plague, he was brought to Earth by scientist, Dr. Erdel. Much like Superman, he did his best to make Earth his home and blend in with it’s citizens before going public with his Manhunter guise as part of the Justice League and a full-time superhero. Much like Aquaman, this character’s personality and personal struggles would definitely need to be explored outside of a Justice League world before being introduced so as to familiarise the public with him. It can also be argued that while Green Lantern visits space regularly and Superman is from Krypton, would humans be ready for a fully fledged Martian walking among them?

The Justice League

The Justice League

So there you have it. That’s my long winded theory on how DC/Warner can finally bring the Justice League to the big screen and what characters they may potentially use as part of their roster. Hopefully, they can pull it together and make it happen as it would be one of the greatest and biggest events in cinematic history.

UPDATE: As I was writing this, some rumours broke from Comic-Con regards to both the Justice League and Batman movies in the future. Check em out!


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